Friday, March 19, 2010

And Then I Turned Three

So for the most part, I don't chime in on fashion. I mean what do I know? I'm 31 and chubby. But I do know enough to detest Crocs (as I mentioned in the last post) and steer clear of the idea of me in skinny jeans (oh the horror!). I do manage to look readily decent and also like I managed to evolve past high school, something sadly, many don't. This is for the most part enough for me. But after last night... something has been weighing heavily on my mind.

What is it with adults wearing clothes I wore when I was two?

Alas... The Romper.

I thought the jumpsuits were bad enough. They gave me flash backs of Jody from Today's Special and April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... but now.... now we have the romper. Same idea as a jumpsuit... just cut the legs off into shorts and increase hideousness by untold amounts.

This is Paige, a contestant from American Idol performing this week wearing an especially... um, energetic, romper. She sang fairly well and was in the bottom two. You can form your own conclusion--but I'm going with the romper.


SuziQ said...

Jumpsuit, my dear. A pants suit is a suit that has pants instead of a skirt. ;) But other than that, I totally agree! And you always look good~

liesel said...

Now I know what to wear next Halloween. What could be scarier than a romper WITH crocs! Nasty!

The Ridgeways said...

Well I am standing up for comfy footwear, I love my crocs, I have them in navy, baby blue and black! LOVE them! I will however pass on the jumpsuit, romper crap, ugh, not even my children would wear that, lol. Hmmm, going out with your sister tonight might have to go find the crocs and wear them in your honor, lol.

Shamelessly said...

Suzi, You are very right, guess I need to go and fix that. Oh and Thanks! :)

Liesel... oh man if you do that could I have pictures???

Mel... There is such a thing as comfortable footwear that DOESN'T look like the second coming of the gummie shoe, but to each their own I say!! And I hope you do wear them in my honor cause that's HILARIOUS.

SuziQ said...

Way to go, you edited your post and deleted our comments. Nice. Real nice. :D

Shamelessly said...

I know right??? I actually edited it just fine, but when I went to delete the spam comment I got where they told me I looked GREAT in this ensemble (LOLS!!!!!) I accidentally deleted them all!!

D said...

Nice! I so agree...although I did give in to the skinny jeans. I wonder if I can detain myself from giving in to the romper