Thursday, May 1, 2008

a shout out to all who love me

I have to make a note cause I suck!!

I totally forgot to thank my fantastic sister for being a wonderful "assistant" at this shoot. She holds a reflector like a real pro folks. Not only that but she took time out of her busy schedule to help me for no reason other then because she loves me. Certain things that have happened in this last year have made me really appreciate the ones I love and those who love me a lot more. For some reason they are the easiest ones to take for granted. So now I am trying a lot harder not to.

I think that was Kiefer's legacy FOR ME.

I'm really lucky I have my sister, especially now when things are sort of hard for both of us. She's so strong.

So, to all of my loved ones and my fantastic friends (who are NOT a separate category) thank you for being a part of my life. Sometimes I may not show it but I appreciate every one of you. You all make up little parts of who I am and all have special places in my heart.

So my shout outs...

To Amber: Thanks for being a friend for so long. I think sometimes people think that we bicker a lot. But its like family, we may be ornery one day but we know the other will still love us tomorrow!! That's pretty special I think (however, that's part of that whole taking someone for granted thing... so I'm gonna be better!).
To Diana: You always know what to say to make me feel better. Thank you for the talks. I truly love spending time with you, you always make me laugh and sometimes that's all anyone ever needs.
To Krissy: I'm so lucky to still have my childhood best friend in my life!! No one knows me like you do and no one ever will. We really need to get together more, specially for those girl's nights. I miss those. And when you stop hobbling around we'll grab Amber and hit the golf course!
To Suzi: I'm glad that even though there's been periods where we didn't see each other much you keep wandering back into my life! I love that you always give someone a fair shake. You never judge and you're so open and honest. I'm so glad that as we got older we found OTHER things to do together. Thank you for being a partner in crime in so many adventures. Here's hoping we keep having lots more. Now, lets get Krissy and go out for SUSHI!

To Lore: Sissy... I love you. Thank you for being my friend AND my sister. What more can I possibly say?
To my Mom and Dad: They probably never get on here because they are internet challenged, but thank God for them. I know they will always support me in their own ways. Even if they hate what I'm doing.
And to my lovely nieces: Thank you for letting me hang out at your house all the time. Thank you for sharing their mom with me even though its hard. You guys are the best,


Anonymous said...

I will call you squishy and you shall be mine! I love you too sissy!

SuziQ said...

Aww...*sniff, sniff* Love ya!

And yes...sushi! Soon! We'll carry Kristen in if we have to!

Lucky-UnluckyOne said...

I actually teared up a bit... Thanks Trac! You definately make me fall in lines of the Lucky aspect of my life... and hey! I'm off the crutches, girls night ASAP, or as soon as I get my Economic Stimulus Tax Refund! LOL!

D said...

oh...thanks. You know I only work at the fabric store cause of you. Really?!? Why else would I STILL be there. Hearts to Tracy.

FOODIE said...

I know I am like a month late on this one, but I have to agree with the whole thing about how we may argue or fight a lot to others. Some have asked me why I put up with that, or tell me they can't see why we are still friends. All I can say to them is that we are about a lot more than just our stubborn attitudes, and that our friendship is stronger because of that! Hang in there through it all. We are all still here no matter what!

P.S. Why are you and Suzi JUST calling Krissy for sushi??? Someone else likes sushi just a little bit too ya know!